Michigan Association of Recreation Vehicles and Campgrounds

The Michigan Association of Recreation Vehicles and Campgrounds is a division of the Michigan Manufactured Housing, RV and Campground Association, which is a full-service, non-profit, state trade association, representing the manufactured housing, recreation vehicle and private campground industries in the state of Michigan. The MMH & RVCA offers a wide variety of services to aid you in the operation of your business and save you money as well. Services include legal counsel and legislative advocacy, and government relations, in-house public relations programs, liability insurance and a clearinghouse of information where members can obtain a wide variety of general and technical publications. The MMH & RVCA is comprised of two divisional organizations (MMHA and MARVAC), with each serving their specific industry's needs. MMHA and MARVAC have separate boards of directors that represent their respective industries. An executive board, made up of four representatives from each of the two divisional boards, governs the association. 

Our Mission

Through legislation, education, marketing, and public awareness, MARVAC works to improve the business climate for its members and to encourage growth in the recreation vehicle and private campground industries while contributing to the quality of Michigan tourism.

Michigan Association of Recreation Vehicles and Campgrounds

The Michigan Association of Recreation Vehicles and Campgrounds is the only full-service, non-profit, state trade association that represents all segments of the recreation vehicle and private campground industries in Michigan. MARVAC's members include RV manufacturers, dealers, suppliers, private campgrounds, financial/lending institutions, insurance companies, and special service firms.

Membership Services

All members are encouraged to participate in MARVAC's RV and camping shows and educational programs, as well as the Association's many other services. Whether you need insurance, legal counsel, an architect, engineer or some other related service firm, the association has the answer! Members seeking a particular service or specific advice need only contact the association office to have their questions answered. The staff serves as a referral service to help members locate the services they require. Versed in all segments of the industry, the staff can assist you in responding to technical questions or help you deal with the local and state government units. The professional staff is only a phone call away. You can reach our staff Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (after hours, just leave a voice mail message) by calling 517.349.8881 or 800.422.6478.

Public Relations for the Industry

The Association has ongoing public relations programs that continue to develop positive images of the RV and campground industries. MARVAC keeps consumers, government officials, trade publications, and media sources throughout the state informed by releasing a steady flow of information about the vital contributions the RV and campground industries make to Michigan's tourism economy. Our programs are dedicated to creating positive images about the industry; we remind sources how our industry creates a more vibrant Michigan by constantly improving our recreation resources.

Communication-Publications and Seminars

One of the most important features of MARVAC is its ability to communicate information to its members quickly! MARVAC sends regular "Industry Insights" via e-mail to keep each member informed about legislation, changes in laws and government regulations, and current trends in the industry. The e-mail also lists activities and events which are important to manufacturers, dealers, campground owners, and service companies. 

Continuing education for members is a major priority of the Association. Dealer, campground, and service seminars have been highly successful at keeping our members informed. Through our seminars, members from all segments of the industry are kept up-to-date about new business procedures, legal and legislative issues, and governmental regulations that could affect their business and the industry. These seminars offer intense learning opportunities for members who are interested in sharpening their skills, and provides members with an opportunity to share information with industry experts.

Annual Outings and Public Shows

MARVAC's annual outing combines a full range of seminars and workshops with social activities. The event provides members with an opportunity to discuss common problems and exchange ideas with industry associates. This event serves as a culmination point for the year as the association's officers are welcomed for the new term. 

MARVAC's Camper & RV Shows are among the most heavily attended shows in Michigan with shows in Novi (2), Battle Creek, Flint, Port Huron, and Traverse City. Over 50,000 campers and potential RV buyers attend MARVAC shows each year. 

MARVAC also hosts an annual fall golf outing, with the proceeds benefitting the Tim DeWitt HARVEST Education Foundation.

Tim DeWitt HARVEST Education Foundation

HARVEST is a non-profit education foundation created by the Association. Its purpose is to establish educational programs and opportunities for individuals who wish to make a career in the recreation vehicle and campground industry, or simply receive scholarship help because they are a family member of the Association.  A tax-deductible contribution is a wonderful way to pay tribute to industry members, including members of your own family or business, while supporting the work of the HARVEST foundation.

Government Relations: Local, Regional and National

MMH & RVCA's role in government affairs does not end with its influence in the legislature. The Association recognizes the importance of understanding and dealing with the myriad of agencies and departments that create and implement our laws. For that reason, the Association functions as a liaison between you (as a business) and the bureaucracy which regulates our industries. 

MMH & RVCA provides input to the State Department of Consumer and Industry Services, the Manufactured Housing Division, the Department of Community Health, the Public Service Commission, the Secretary of State and numerous other state agencies. Through our various committees, we are continually representing the interests of our industries.  

MMH & RVCA represents your interests at the regional and national levels as members of the Midwest Manufactured Housing Federation, Manufactured Housing Institute and the National Manufactured Housing Federation; as well as belonging to the Recreation Vehicle Dealer Association, Recreation Vehicle Industry Association, Recreation Industry Council and Recreation Vehicle State Executive Council. Working in cooperation with our sister associations, MMH & RVCA represents your interests by contributing its input to federal agencies that regulate our industries on the regional and national levels.

Effective Legal, Legislative and Political Action

MMH & RVCA has one of the most active, respected and effective legislative programs in the state of Michigan. The Association retains the services of a respected and experienced law firm (Dykema) and legislative consultant (Public Affairs Associates) to ensure that our members' interests are being represented.  

Under the guidelines established by the Association's executive board and legislative committee, the staff works with our legal and legislative counsels to monitor the progress of legislation that affects our industries and contributes its input to assure that our viewpoints are represented, understood and protected. The Association's legislative program has enjoyed an outstanding track record. Members are kept informed about the progress of legislation that could affect their business through the Association's informative Industry Insights

The Association's influence in the Michigan legislature is augmented by one of the state's largest and most effective Political Action Committees. (PAC) Funds from the association's PAC are contributed to the campaigns of those candidates who understand and support our industries.